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Tighten and Repair Loose Dentures

If denture adhesives are no longer doing the trick, a denture reline may be the answer to your prayers. Our Dentists use a special kind of material that does not cause sores and many people feel like it’s a brand new denture. If the teeth are old and look fake, you may want a new denture, but if the esthetics are fine a reline is a great way to tighten the dentures. I also recommend a reline over a new denture or set of dentures for the very old and frail as getting used to a new prosthesis may be too difficult (therefore out of the question). For those 90 and above a reline may be the best option.
I can also adjust the metal clasps on partial dentures to tighten the denture. Please do not try this yourself! You may do it incorrectly and the denture may not fit at all back in the mouth.
We operate 100% within the comfort of the patient’s home throughout the entire process.

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What to do about loose dentures?