Dental Services For Elderly Parents in Manhattan

dental for elderly parents manhattanDid you know that the lack of premium dental care for the elderly has been a growing epidemic? Because of their age, it’s critical that the elderly maintain good oral hygiene. With the technology and capabilities of dentistry today it’s surprising that the geriatric community it still severely lacking in their dental care needs.

When it comes to providing affordable and adequate dental for elderly parents, Manhattan caregivers need to consider these crucial points. You are bound to find a few geriatric dentists based in New York City. However, this does not guarantee your parents’ needs will be met. Let’s say your parent is homebound and cannot leave the house. Even if the dentist is right down the street, a trip to the dentist is not feasible.

The cost of quality dental care for the geriatric community is also an issue. Some elderly lack the proper dental insurance to maintain regular visits with their dentist. The most common reason people avoid the dentist is due to cost. Now consider an elderly person who not only lives on a fixed income but is unable to physically see a dentist due to mobility issues. The deterioration of the oral health is inevitable.

The Best Dental Care For Elderly Patients

As mentioned, dental care is extremely important for our elderly parents. A Geriatric dentist can prevent and detect dental health issues that may arise. Loose dentures caused by the ever-changing bone structure can lead to infections and even stomach issues.

There is relief in sight for your loved ones. When it comes to providing the best dental for elderly parents, Manhattan-based dentist, Dr. Alisa Kauffman will answer the call. If you search online for a geriatric dentist in manhattan, Dr. Kauffman and her practice, Geriatric House Call Dentistry is one of the top results.

Dr. Kauffman has passionately served the Geriatric community for decades. Listed as one of the Top 25 Dentists in the country, she exudes compassion and an understanding towards the Geriatric community. In order to provide the best dental care for our elderly parents, Dr. Kauffman makes house calls.

If your elderly parent is in need of dental care contact Dr. Kauffman today at (917)-826-6278.