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Teeth Cleaning for Elderly and Dementia Patients

Everyone needs a clean oral cavity. We all know that oral health and systemic health are closely linked. Our mouths are the gateway to our general health!
Teeth must be brushed and mouth rinses help for those who can follow directions and do not swallow the rinse. I do provide a swallowable gel to those who cannot follow directions and are difficult to brush. And stay tuned for my toothbrush being patented to brush the teeth of my Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinsons, and ALS patients. Everyone should brush and keep their teeth decay-free. After I clean the teeth (scale and prophy using special mouth props if necessary), I will teach the aides exactly how to brush and use the mouth-rinses, toothpaste, and gels.
We operate 100% within the comfort of the patient’s home throughout the entire process.

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