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About Dr. Rachel Klein | Long Island Dentist

Dr. Klein is a broadly and deeply experienced dentist with a calming and friendly bedside manner. She has over 20 years of experience in all phases of dentistry with a strong focus on home care for the geriatric and elderly populations, as well as with patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Dr. Klein graduated NYU College of Dentistry in 1997. During her summers, Dr. Klein volunteered in dental clinics and treated the underprivileged population.
Dr, Klein began her dental career as a resident at Long Island College Hospital. During her residency, Dr. Klein treated patients in a clinical environment and also treated traumas and emergencies in the hospital’s Emergency Room.
Once her residency concluded, Dr. Klein began her career treating patients on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Brooklyn and Nassau County on Long Island. Over the past twenty-two years, Dr. Klein has provided all aspects of treatment for patients of all ages.
In addition, in 2001, Dr. Klein began treating the elderly and infirm in nursing homes and elderly care centers. She became expert in understanding and addressing the dental needs of this population. Dr. Klein quickly learned that developing a rapport with a patient’s family and opening and maintaining open communication is critical to effective care.
Dr. Klein’s passion for treating homebound patients can be traced to her identifying a lack of care for this community when her beloved grandmother had a critical dental need that was never appropriately addressed.
Dr. Klein’s goal is to give each of her patients a beautiful smile and make them want to use it.
Dr. Klein is available to treat patients in Queens County, Nassau County and western Suffolk County.

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Rachel Klein’s Happy Patients

She goes above and beyond to make my mother feel at ease during her visits. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. Dr. Klein is amazing!

Dr. Klein is extremely kind and caring.

We were very fortunate to find Dr. Klein. She took very good care of my 92 year old mother who has dementia and needed to have a tooth extracted. She was extremely responsive from the time I first called her and followed up with me after the procedure. She was kind, patient and caring. The procedure went very well. I highly recommend her as a geriatric dentist.

Kind, Patient, and Caring

We are so fortunate to have found Dr. Klein for my 94-year old Mother, who is bedbound with multiple medical conditions and severe OCD. She provided a thorough exam and went above and beyond to ensure that my Mom was comfortable with the treatment plan for her tooth infection, and put her mind at ease. She is extremely accessible to her patients and to family members, and her communication style, warmth, caring manner, and competence as a dentist is top-notch. My Mom refers to Dr. Klein as her child and knows that she has her best interest at heart. Simply a wonderful woman and doctor!

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