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Extraction for Elderly Patients who may have Dementia

Teeth can safely be extracted in the comfort of the patient’s home. We do not attempt to remove a tooth if we are unsure that it may be too difficult or risky to do in the home. In this rare situation, we always consult with my oral surgeon for help. We are fully insured to work with an excellent oral surgeon who can X-ray the difficult patient after they mildly sedate the patient. One of us will extract the tooth or teeth and we have an excellent support team around us. Of course, this is always coordinated with your primary physician or nurse practitioner.
Do not be surprised if we say “let’s do it in the bed…Or a chair!” Our Dentists bring our own light source and equipment. Our Dentists can extract almost any tooth – even on dementia patients!
Old Xrays are almost always necessary so try to retrieve them at all costs(and there should be no real cost after you explain the situation).
As always, we operate 100% within the comfort of the patient’s home throughout the entire process.

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