Travelling Dentistry Services for Elderly Patients in Manhattan and Long Island, NY

Do you know a geriatric senior who needs dental work but can’t leave their home? We can help. Serving Manhattan, Queens, Nassau County & West Suffolk County.

Geriatric In-Home Dental Care For Geriatric Patients Living in Manhattan, Queens, Nassau & West Suffolk Co.

The core services of Geriatric House Call Dentistry include: emergency visits, second opinions, dental exams, cleanings, small fillings, extractions, denture and partial fabrication & repairs.

Comprehensive Examinations

Expect at the first visit a thorough examination of the face, tongue, under the tongue, palate, gum tissues, lips and teeth. Old xrays will be checked and new xrays will be taken if necessary and appropriate. Old xrays should still be requested from previous dentists should the patient be unable to cooperate due to physical or mental constraints. A full diagnosis report will be written to those who have requested a copy along with a detailed outline of future necessary treatments including costs.

Second Opinions

Many times you may think that the treatment plan given by the family dentist may be too difficult due to the patient’s changing mental or physical capacity, or perhaps you just need to hear the treatment plan is definitely appropriate given the needs of the patient. When I give you a second opinion I will tell you that this is how I would treat my family member. Sometimes less is more when it comes to the old and frail. If I am sure the patient is pain, I always take appropriate action.

Teeth Cleanings

Everyone needs a clean oral cavity.  We all know that oral health and systemic health are closely linked. Our mouths are the gateway to our general health!
Teeth must be brushed and mouth rinses help for those who can follow directions and do not swallow the rinse. I do provide a swallowable gel to those who cannot follow directions and are difficult to brush. And stay tuned for my toothbrush being patented to brush the teeth of my Alzheimer, dementia, Parkinsons and ALS patients. Everyone should brush and keep their teeth decay-free.  After I clean the teeth (scale and prophy using special mouth props if necessary), I will teach the aides exactly how to brush and use the mouth-rinses, toothpaste, and gels.

Recement or Repair Crowns (Caps) and Bridges

If you contact me that a crown (cap) or bridge needs to be recemented (glued back in), I will usually request a photo of the inside of the crown or bridge as well as the teeth that they fell off of. I can tell by looking at the photo what the next step will be. I always hope for a simple fix. Do not attempt to temporarily cement using over the counter remedies. You do not want it to fall off while they are laying down for fear of aspiration or swallowing It.  I REPEAT NEVER recement it yourself!

Fabricate New Partial and Complete Dentures

This is something that most people question me about most on the phone and are astonished that I can easily do this in the home. I won’t give away my secrets here, but trust me that this was my given gift. It is not a skill that all dentists are capable of doing and believe me most dentists fabricate 5 dentures a year at most. I fabricate 100s! I have my own laboratory and they are fantastic!

Tighten Loose Dentures

If denture adhesives are no longer doing the trick, a denture reline may be the answer to your prayers. I use a special kind of material that does not cause sores and many people feel like it’s a brand new denture.  If the teeth are old and look fake, you may want a new denture, but if the esthetics are fine a reline is a great way to tighten the dentures. I also recommend a reline over a new denture or set of dentures for the very old and frail as getting used to a new prosthesis may be too difficult (therefore out of the question). For those 90 and above a reline may be the best option.
I can also adjust the metal clasps on partial dentures to tighten the denture. Please do not try this yourself! You may do it incorrectly and the denture may not fit at all back in the mouth.

Denture Repairs

Never ever ever try to repair a denture yourself. Do not try the repair or reline kits found in the pharmacy.  If you screw it up then we can’t fix it. Do not use any permanent glues either. If you tried this first and failed, you WILL NEED a new denture.
If the denture is cracked or broken in half, call me. My lab can quickly and easily fix it. So do not try anything at home!!

Cavity Treatment: (Silver Diamine Flouride) & Fillings & ARREST

Of course, I fill cavities on cooperating patients using traditional composite (white fillings), but there are times (especially with dementia patients) when you cannot fill a tooth the traditional way without sedation (and that isn’t always an option for everyone).
In this case, we must harden the decay to avoid pain and a possible root canal.  I use Advantage Arrest as my treatment of choice.

From the Advantage Arrest™ website, I have quoted this paragraph. 

“Silver Diamine Fluoride has been used extensively around the globe for decades. Advantage Arrest silver diamine fluoride 38% will change how you offer your patients the protection they deserve. Advantage Arrest:

  • Provides immediate relief from dentinal hypersensitivity
  • Kills pathogenic organisms
  • Hardens softened dentin making it more acid and abrasion-resistant
  • Does not stain sound dentin or enamel
  • Can provide important clinical feedback due to its potential to stain visible or hidden lesions.
Don’t be confused by misleading claims and evolving application protocols for silver diamine fluoride.  Ask The Experts today at Elevate Oral Care.  Since launching Advantage Arrest Silver Diamine Fluoride 38%, America’s first and only American made brand, Elevate Oral care has provided over educational staff meetings to over 10,000 dental offices nationwide.  Ask The Experts and join the movement today!”
This product is the answer to my prayers and has helped patients “Arrest” their decay. I know that they are not suffering with a painful tooth. Questions…? Let’s talk about it!

Treat Broken Teeth

See “Cavity Treatments”; I can treat broken teeth.


Teeth can safely be extracted at home. I do not attempt to remove a tooth if I am unsure that it may be too difficult or risky to do in the home. In this rare situation, I always consult with my oral surgeon for help. I am fully insured to work with an excellent oral surgeon who can X-ray the difficult patient after he mildly sedates them. One of us will extract the tooth or teeth and we have an excellent support team around us. Of course, this is always coordinated with your primary physician or nurse practitioner.
But do not be surprised if I say let’s do it in the bed…Or a chair!  I bring my own light source so no worries about that. And I can extract almost any tooth even on dementia patients!! Old Xrays are almost always necessary so try to retrieve them at all costs(and there should be no real cost after you explain the situation).

Emergency Visits

Emergency treatment usually means pain or swelling is involved. Please call me on the phone at 917-826-6278 ASAP.  I can advise you and want to help.

Prescribing Necessary Oral Rinses and Medications

Sometimes a rinse may be necessary for gum disease, bad breath or dry mouth. I will definitely recommend the right one for the patient.

Need a Different Service?

Call me at 917 826 6278. I will advise you where to go or what to do.


This is something we can do either after I become your dentist of choice or if we are dealing with a difficult situation where it is appropriate. I look forward to meeting and treating your loved one.

dr alisa on becoming a house call dentist

Dr. Alisa Kauffman teaches caregivers how to perform oral care on those who refuse or are unable to care for their own teeth. Alisa always tells her patients, “we only brush the teeth that we want to keep!”

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