Travelling Dental Services for Homebound Elderly Patients

Do you know a geriatric senior who needs dental work but can’t leave their home? We can help! Geriatric House Call Dentistry is an exclusive mobile dental service that serves patients in the comfort of their home. Our dentists specialize in helping geriatric elderly patients who suffer from all forms of dementia.
Geriatric House Call Dentistry serves the following locations:

Our Dentists Serve The Following Locations

Geriatric In-Home Dental Care For Geriatric Patients. Our core dental services include emergency visits, second opinions, dental exams, cleanings, small fillings, extractions, denture, and partial fabrication & repairs.

Dr. Alisa Kauffman teaches caregivers how to perform oral care on those who refuse or are unable to care for their own teeth. Alisa always tells her patients, “we only brush the teeth that we want to keep!”

dr alisa on becoming a house call dentist

Mobile Dental Services for Homebound Geriatric Patients

Denture Fabrication

Denture and Partial Denture Fabrication

Denture Repair

Tighten and adjust loose dentures or partial dentures

Dental Exams

Comprehensive Dental Exams for those with Dementia

Second Opinions

Denture and Partial Denture Fabrication

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning for bedbound geriatric patients

Crowns (Caps) and Bridge Repair

Mobile dentistry services to repair or recement dental crowns and bridges for elderly patients

Cavity Treatment

Low invasive cavity treatment for geriatric patients


Tooth extractions for homebound elderly patients with dementia

Emergency Dental Service

Please call us on the phone at 917-826-6278 and we will advise

Teledentistry for Elderly Patients

Available for dealing with a dental situation where appropriate
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