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Comprehensive Dental Exams

We will perform a comprehensive on-site assessment to identify whether or not your loved one is suffering from root decay, gum disease, tooth loss, or denture induced stomatitis.
Are your loved one’s dentures fitting correctly? Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to communicate with a geriatric patient with dementia who may be suffering from inflammation, fungus buildup, or infection that can leave your loved one in tremendous pain and discomfort.
Expect at the first visit a thorough examination of the face, tongue, under the tongue, palate, gum tissues, lips, and teeth. Old Xrays will be checked and new Xrays will be taken if necessary and appropriate. Old Xrays should still be requested from previous dentists should the patient be unable to cooperate due to physical or mental constraints.
A full diagnosis report will be written to those who have requested a copy along with a detailed outline of future necessary treatments including costs. And as always, we operate 100% within the comfort of the patient’s home throughout the entire process.

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