Geriatric In-Home Dentistry Services Patients in Manhattan and Long Island

Do you know a geriatric senior who needs dental work but can’t leave their home? We can help. Travelling Dental Services for Manhattan, Queens, Nassau County & West Suffolk County

Dental Services for homebound geriatric senior citizens serving those living in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Nassau County & West Suffolk County

Geriatric Housecall Dentistry is proud to serve the growing community of elderly patients who are in need of dental work but cannot leave their home.

The core services of our practice include emergency visits, second opinions, exams, cleanings, small fillings, ARREST (Silver Diamine Fluoride) treatment, extractions, partial and denture repair, fabricating complete and partial dentures. These services can all be completed in the comfort of the patients home. Do you, or someone you know need dental work but can’t leave their house? One of our trained dentists will travel on-site to help you or your loved one get the treatment they need.

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Services Include: Emergency Visits | Second Opinions | Dental Exams | Cleanings | Small Fillings | Extractions | Denture and Partial Fabrication & Repairs