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Geriatric House Call Dentistry Featured in Dental Products Report

By January 11, 2021No Comments
Dental Products Report featuring Alisa Kauffman and Geriatric House Call Dentistry

Dr. Kauffman speaks to the benefits of working for her own practice and serving the geriatric population

“Alisa Kauffman, DMD, has been stepping out of the operatory for 35 years. Her organization, Geriatric House Call Dentistry, allows dental professionals to practice dentistry without the overhead and headaches associated with a traditional brick-and-mortar practice. She says mobile dentistry is an excellent way for new dental professionals to start a practice. Other candidates are dental professionals transitioning into retirement or who have sold their practices but want to generate income.”

“It’s a great way to treat the underserved population, where they traditionally could only be served if they were in an oral surgeon’s office getting sedated,”

Dr Kauffman says.
Teresa Waite denturist in La Pine Oregon

Denturist Teresa Waite in The Dental Products Report

“When people come in wheelchairs and walkers, you realize how many booby traps there are. All those little 2-inch steps getting in and out of doors are everywhere. I have seen a lot of patients trip,”

Waite says, adding that most times she has patients stay in their wheelchairs when she makes house calls.

Dr. Joy Poskozim in The Dental Products Report

“Oral hygiene instructions are very, very important, and a huge part of an at-home dental visit. Dental care is rarely discussed among family members when their loved one has other, more pressing issues, like keeping diabetes in check, medications in order, and other crucial caregiving to keep them stable. The mouth is often left out of the overall health equation. Oral care can be as simple as some over-the-counter dry mouth products, and a daily regimen,” 

Geriatric House Call Dentistry Chicago