4 Keys To Dental For Elderly Parents NYC Caregivers Should Know

Want to know the key facts of dental for elderly parents New York City caregivers should know? If you have become your parent’s caregiver, you have been handed the responsibility to handle any health concerns.


Our parents have cared and tended to us from birth to adulthood. For many of us, the tables turn and we are the ones caring for our elderly parents. In addition to maintaining our parents’ health, we must ensure they are keeping up with daily dental routines and frequent check ups.



When it comes to knowing the components to dental for elderly parents New York City, here are some factors to consider:

  • Access To Geriatric Dentists In NYC– Geriatric Dentistry focuses on treating the senior citizen age group. However, dentist offices are not accessible to every individual. Imagine being homebound in New York City.
  • Geriatric Dental Issues– Older individuals who have dentures often deal with them loosening. Loose dentures can lead to mouth infections and stomach issues.
  • Dental Care– Caring for dental hygiene is just as important in the elderly as it is in children and adults.
  • Elderly Demographic– The nation is shifting towards a larger demographic of elderly (baby boomers).

Dental Care And Cleaning For Dental Elderly Parents NYC Need


Accessibility is also a major issue when it comes to maintaining habits related to dental for elderly parents NYC. Your best option is to find a New York City based geriatric dentist who makes house calls. Yes, medical professionals do make house calls. Although this concept seems to be a thing of the past, more medical professionals are making house calls due to high demand.


Dr. Alisa Kauffman, who leads Geriatric House Call Dentistry, is one of the most trusted NYC dentists. When you trust Dr. Kauffman you will find she is:

  • One of the Top 25 Dentists in the nation.
  • Specializes in Geriatric Dentistry.
  • In addition to her extensive training and experience, she also is compassionate towards her patients. She values the importance of the patient-doctor relationship.


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