Dentistry for Aged Parents in Manhattan, New York City

Home Based Dentistry for Geriatric Parents in NYC & Long Island

What constitutes a good health care experience?  What makes a positive dental check up?  How can a middle-aged individual report a positive dental check up with a dentist in Manhattan & Long Island, while an elderly person that visits the same dentist may report an entirely negative experience?

Simply put, not all dentists are skilled at servicing this quickly growing part of the population – the elderly.

So what is the difference between dentistry for aged parents in New York residents love and the dentistry experiences that leave their parents anxious and irritable?

When most dentists don’t strive to make the dental experience tailored to the complexities of aging individuals….

Geriatric House Call Dentistry takes the complexities completely out of the picture.  By supplying  mobile dentistry for aged parents in New York, Dr. Alisa Kauffman has answered one of the most difficult questions for quality geriatric dentistry.  When your parents are able to stay in the comfort of their own home, the need for difficult and costly transportation is eliminated; the need for easy mobility in and out of a dental office is not necessary; and the need for dental chairs and spaces to be tailored to one’s limited mobility is obsolete.  Dr. Kauffman treats her patients wherever they are the most comfortable – in a favorite recliner, in a bed, even at the kitchen table!

When most dentists aren’t aware of the unique issues surrounding dental care for the elderly…

Dr. Alisa Kauffman with Geriatric House Call Dentistry knows all the possible dental concerns within the aging community from her 30+ years of experience focusing on geriatric patients.  She understands problems such as dry mouth caused by certain medications, difficulty brushing due to weakened dexterity, and painful mouth sores caused from improperly fitted dentures.

When most dentists are lacking in their ability to deal with difficult behavior issues caused by conditions such as dementia or alzheimer’s…

Dr. Kauffman takes great care to handle these elderly individuals with patience and kindness.  She has become skilled at dealing with numerous behavior challenges and still shows calmness and concern throughout the entire visit, no matter what the difficulty.

It’s no wonder that this is the dentistry for aged parents New York residents are raving about.  Find out for yourself today.  Give Dr. Kauffman a call at 917-826-6278 and experience quality care, of which, even your mom will approve!