What Makes Excellent Geriatric Dental Care near Manhattan? Experience and Heart

A pioneer in the field of geriatric dental care near Manhattan, Dr. Alisa Kauffman saw the vast need of in-home dental services over 30 years ago.  Her first patient was a homebound parent of a friend.  And she has yet to meet her last patient.  For 3 decades and counting, she has been servicing the needs of the elderly with a warm smile and skilled hand.

What makes Dr. Kauffman the best option for geriatric dental care near Manhattan?

Two words:  Experience and Heart


Not only has she been practicing geriatric dental care for many years, she has immersed herself in a large number of experiences and opportunities that have grown her dentistry skills and knowledge.  

  • She currently acts as Director of Geriatric Dental Care at 5 different local nursing homes.
  • She is the Director of the Dental LIFE Program (Living Independently for Elders).
  • She retains a staff position at two trusted hospitals in New York City, Lenox Hill North Shore LIJ and Mt. Sinai Hospital.
  • She travels worldwide lecturing on geriatric dentistry.
  • Dr. Kauffman acts as Clinical Assistant Professor at Penn Dental School of Medicine.


Dr. Kauffman has a love and care for the elderly patients she treats that is unrivaled.  From her very first job at a nursing home treating geriatric patients to her numerous positions she holds today, she has found great fulfillment in meeting the needs of this oft neglected community.

She currently continues to champion the need for greater awareness and positioning within the medical community to handle the ever growing needs of homebound patients for proper dental care.  

These two qualities, experience and heart, collide in Dr. Kauffman producing a dynamic force for the geriatric dental world.  Geriatric dental care near Manhattan has never been better.  

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