Dementia and Drugs: The Geriatric Dental Group Manhattan Loves Tells All

Aging with dementia can be scary for the inflicted as well as the loved ones involved.  No matter how many classes
you take, books you read, or doctors you visit, it is not easy.  And as any
geriatric dental group Manhattan offers knows all too well, the condition of a dementia patient’s teeth are often the last thing a loved one or caregiver wants to think about.

However, it may be helpful to understand a few of the problems caused by the drugs prescribed for your loved one with dementia.


What this Geriatric Dental Group in Manhattan Wants You to Know About the Drugs Your Dementia Patient is Taking

Oral Side Effects of Dementia Drugs:

  • Geriatric Dental Group ManhattanDry Mouth

A dry mouth doesn’t sound all that ominous.  Until you learn that the lack of saliva can lead to numerous other oral problems such as plaque buildup, dental decay, gum disease and infection.  The antidepressants, antipsychotics and sedatives that are often routine for a dementia patient, commonly cause salivary flow to decrease opening the mouth up to these other problems.

A dry mouth can also cause problems with dentures, including discomfort and looseness.  

A dentist familiar with dementia-specific problems will be able to give advice and treatment for these challenges.  Frequent sips of water may be enough to help some individuals suffering with this side-effect.  However, there exists other more permanent options such as denture fixatives and artificial saliva.    

  • Involuntary Mouth Movements

Some of these drugs may cause involuntary, repetitive tongue and jaw movements.  This can be irritating to the individual with dentures, making it difficult for the dentures to stay in the proper place.

A dentist can suggest measures to fix this and make your loved one more comfortable on a daily basis.

  • Increased Tooth Decay Danger

Some of these medicines are syrup based for easier consumption.  However, these syrupy liquids are filled with sugars that cause tooth decay, leading to further dental problems.  

Your geriatric dentist in Manhattan may be able to provide a varnish that is applied to the surface of the tooth, guarding against decay.  A frequent dental cleaning along with fluoride treatments will also help prevent tooth decay.    

Undoubtedly with the knowledge of dementia in your loved one, came a tumultuous following of appointments, drugs, and confusion.  Having treated dementia patients for the past 30 years, Dr. Alisa Kauffman knows the challenges you are facing.  

And she cares about stepping alongside you through the journey.  She offers a calming voice and compassionate hand for your loved one’s dental care as she ensures the best dental health possible and the ultimate comfort of her patient.  Find out why Geriatric House Call Dentistry is the geriatric dental group Manhattan residents love.  Call today at 917-826-6278  to schedule an initial appointment.

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