Dental Office Vs House Call Dentist

What are the advantages of a house call dentist vs a geriatric dental office near Manhattan?

Geriatric Dental Office Near ManhattanConvenience

One simply cannot start any comparison between the two without mentioning the extreme convenience of house call dentistry in Manhattan.  A house call dentist does just that – makes a call to your home!  All the services are performed in the comfort of your own space, right down to the very chair that you love to sit in all morning.  Find a geriatric house call dentist that is flexible, offering to provide your care wherever you are the most comfortable.


When your house-call dentist is able to observe you in your home, surrounded by the things that are important to you, the connection and relationship are strengthened at a quicker pace.  A sterile office building does little to form a human connection.  But the comfort of a home puts you at ease and allows your geriatric dentist on call to develop a better understanding of who you are.  This, in turn, benefits the service and care you receive as there develops a greater sense of trust and respect between dentist and patient.


Most would very rarely consider this an advantage of in-home dental care in Manhattan, however, it’s true!  Elderly that must travel with extensive equipment and constant nursing care find that travel costs can become significantly higher than simply having a dentist into their own home.  A geriatric dental office near Manhattan may also prove challenging for parking and accessibility.  

Stop stressing over where you will find a geriatric dentist in Manhattan to visit.  Have your geriatric dentist visit you!  Dr. Alisa Kauffman with Geriatric House Call Dentistry is happy to service all of your dental needs.  Call her today at 917-826-6278 to schedule your first appointment.


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