Why Would a Geriatric Dentist Near Me in New York City Treat the Edentulous?

We hear that.  Those thoughts swirling around your head…”Finding a geriatric dentist near me in New York City is too much work!  Especially when I don’t have any teeth!”

So we must face it.  Is geriatric dental care really necessary when your teeth are absent?

We answer with a resounding yes!


3 Reasons Why the Edentulous Still Need Dental Care

  1. geriatric-dentistYour geriatric dentist can recognize symptoms of other disease
    The oral cavity has always predicted other issues going on in the body.  It’s no different even if the teeth are missing.  Through routine oral exams, geriatric dentists in New York City can find evidence of the following conditions and diseases:

    • Anemia
    • Diabetes
    • Liver Disease
    • Heart Disease
    • Gum Disease
    • Osteoporosis
    • Arthritis
    • Eating Disorders
    • HIV

    Many times a geriatric dentist is able to spot the disease before the patient or general practitioner are aware of any symptoms.

  1. Your geriatric dentist can fit you for dentures
    We understand that you may be hesitant to spend money on false teeth when you feel like you’ve made it so far just fine.  However, having teeth (false or real) in place in the jawbone is important for the health of the bone.  Your jawbone will begin to deteriorate if you continue on edentulous (without teeth).  The presence of dentures or dental implants stimulates the growth of new bone, protecting not only your mouth, but the entire shape of your face.
  1. Your geriatric dentist can eliminate dry mouth problems
    Many elderly take medications for various conditions that often dry out the mouth.  This can be uncomfortable and even harmful.  Without the presence of saliva, your mouth is more susceptible to the growth of bacteria.  Saliva acts as an antibacterial agent keeping your mouth free of decay.  Without it, many elderly experience an increase in oral difficulties.  Your local geriatric dentist in New York City is able to help eliminate this problem.

So, while your tendency may have been to think that “a geriatric dentist near me in New York City isn’t really necessary”,  it simply isn’t true.  Even those without teeth can experience lasting benefits from a geriatric dental checkup near New York.

Geriatric House Call Dentistry makes it easy!  We come to you!  Dr. Alisa Kauffman has been working with elderly for over 30 years, handling the unique issues that confront the elderly.  Give her a call today at 917-826-6278 for your routine check-up right in the comfort of your own home.


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