Why Home Dental Care For Seniors Is Essential

If you or a family member are searching for home dental care for seniors in Manhattan, then look no further! While we know that good oral hygiene is important at every age, many seniors are unable to access necessary dental care due to limited mobility.  Thankfully, Dr. Alisa Kauffman, a top 25 dentist, provides at home dental care for older adults.

As people age there are new or different dental concerns to be aware of especially when they have health problems and take medications.  Some of the most common dental problems for seniors include:

  • Dry mouth. Often times medication produces this side effect, however, it may be due to more serious health problems, and should be checked by a dentist.
  • Root decay. When teeth are exposed to decay-causing acids, they cause root decay. As gum tissue recedes from the tooth, the roots become exposed.
  • Gum disease.  Plague is the main culprit of gum disease but tobacco products, poor fitting dentures and certain diseases can create additional problems.

How Home Dental Care For Seniors Can Help

Seniors with limited mobility or multiple health issues may find it difficult to get the care they need, that’s why home dental care for seniors is a priority.  Dr. Kauffman has over 30 years of dentistry experience and is passionate about providing high quality care to vulnerable elderly adults.  Dr. Kauffman provides gentle geriatric dental care at home and her services include:

  • Emergency visits
  • Exams
  • Scaling (to remove hard calculus)
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Small fillings
  • Extractions
  • New Dentures
  • Repair broken dentures
  • Reline old dentures

Dr. Kauffman can provide in-home dental care for seniors who are bedridden, wheelchair bound or in a recliner, whatever is easiest for her patient.  To learn more about home dental care for seniors or to schedule an appointment, please call 917-826-6278.