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Caring for an aging loved one can often be difficult and arduous, especially if they are homebound. Simple tasks and outings can be exhausting or downright impossible. If you’re looking for a geriatric house call dentist in NYC, Dr. Alisa Kauffman of Geriatric House Call Dentistry is the most helpful and compassionate NYC geriatric dentist for the job. The American Dental Association states that “Potential physical, sensory, and cognitive impairments associated with aging may make oral health self-care and patient education/communications challenging”. Dr. Kauffman is well versed in this area.

Top 5 Reasons the Elderly Need a House Call Dentist In NYC

It’s good to know that house call dentistry is available to the geriatric community, and here are 5 reasons why a dentist like Dr. Kauffman is essential for our loved ones.

  • Unable to see a dentist for a regular checkup or teeth cleaning in a long time due to immobility.
  • A Dementia a patient unable to be treated for bothersome teeth (or swollen cheek, neck or eye) due to distrust of the dentist or lack of cooperation from the patient.
  • A patient’s dentures are too loose causing difficulties for the patient to eat or speak.
  • Teeth are breaking or are loose or falling out. (Face may be swollen and want to rule out dental infection.)
  • Teeth seem to be coated, look dirty and bleed when brushed, leaving them too afraid to brush them.

If there is a problem that is too extensive to treat at home, Dr. Kauffman will put in place a solid plan to treat your aging loved one in coordination with an oral surgeon under light sedation. This is coordinated with their primary care physician, oral surgeon and family so all the necessary treatment can be completed in one visit. Geriatric dental house calls are a growing and necessary need for our aging generation. Dr. Kauffman has the heart and passion to help your loved one receive the best care they need.

With Geriatric House Call Dentistry, you can be certain that your vulnerable older loved one will be treated with tenderness, honor, and great respect. Dr. Kauffman is gifted in making vulnerable patients relax and trust her. It’s time to trust her yourself with your loved one. Contact her today at 917-826-6278 to schedule an appointment. Your loved one deserves the honor and care Dr. Kauffman can give them. Call her today!


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