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How Dealing With Loose Dentures NYC Area Just Got Easier

loose dentures nycDo you know loose dentures can trigger serious health problems such as stomach and digestive issues? If you have a loved one struggling to care for loose dentures, NYC-based dentist Dr. Alisa Kauffman is here to help. Geriatric dentistry can the various factors that cause Loose dentures, NYC.  As we age, the shape of our faces and mouths change due to the loss of bone and muscle structure. This structural deterioration of the jawbone can cause the fit of dentures to change. Obviously, if your loved one needs loose dentures repaired, you need to seek out a dentist. It’s also important to look for a geriatric dentist. Geriatric dentists such as Dr. Kauffman are specifically trained to treat patients in the elderly community. Dr. Alisa Kauffman has dedicated her passion and talent towards dentistry, specifically towards the Geriatric community. As a response to the elderly being underserved when it comes to oral health, she opened Geriatric House Call Dentistry.  In addition to being one of the Top 25 Dentists in the country, she makes house calls for her patients. She understands the physical challenges the elderly experience that’s why she assists them in their homes.

Geriatric Dentistry:  Who Can You Trust?

Dr. Kauffman provides quality dental care to each of her patients providing at-home tips that will help patients maintain and prolong the longevity of their dentures. Tips To Maintain Dentures:

  • In addition to brushing teeth, ensure he/she brushes the gums and palate
  • Avoid regular toothpaste on dentures. They tend to be too abrasive.
  • Be sure to keep dentures moist by storing them in a case.

If you or a loved one are experiencing side effects due to loose dentures don’t hesitate to call Dr. Kauffman.

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