Discover Special Care Dentistry New York City Elderly Residents Need

Special Care Dentistry New York CityDid you know that 25% of adults 60 years and older have no natural teeth remaining? Many may not know that the geriatric community is often neglected when it comes to maintaining their dental health.  Maintaining good oral health is critical as we age.

In order to help you understand the need for geriatric dentists and dental care, you need to understand the issues of oral health for the geriatric demographic.  In addition to comprehending what special care dentistry New York City offers the elderly, it is also important to understand geriatric dentistry.

First, let’s understand why the Geriatric community is not being treated effectively. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicts that by 2050 the older population will increase to 48 million. This is a huge increase from the 35 million back in 2000. Some of the major challenges the elderly community faces are:

  • Insurance Issues- Many senior citizens lose health and dental insurance after retirement.
  • Medicaid- While the program assists lower income individuals with health costs, routine dental check-ups are not included.
  • Lack Of Education- Most people are unaware of proper dental care when it comes to the particular needs of dental care for geriatric patients suffering from dementia or other major health issues.

Dr. Kauffman Offers Special Care Dentistry To New York City

With that being said, as caregivers, we need to seek out Geriatric special care dentistry New York City offers the elderly. When looking for a Geriatric dentist, here are some points caregivers should consider:

  • Is the dentist specifically trained and certified to treat the Geriatric community?
  • Because some seniors are physically able to leave the house does the dentist make house calls?
  • Preventative oral care is just as critical in our golden years as it is in our childhood.

Dr. Alissa Kauffman, from Geriatric House Call Dentistry, understands the importance of providing dental care for this specific demographic. In addition to being one of the Top 25 Dentists in the nation, she exudes compassion and understanding needed to treat the elderly. In order to reach out, she visits patients in the comfort of their own homes.

It’s time to show the elderly that they are important to us by seeking out a dentist who understands how to care for their oral health needs.  Call us today at 917-826-6278.