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Geriatric Dentistry

Dr. Kauffman: Changing Dental Care for Seniors for the Better

By October 29, 2017September 15th, 2020No Comments

Find out how Dr. Alisa Kauffman is changing dental care for seniors for the better!


Is it proving difficult to find compassionate dental care for seniors? Are you facing an uphill climb in getting your loved one adequate care? In this day and age, that simply shouldn’t be the case! Not so long ago, it was hard to find proper, adequate, compassionate dental care for the aging, especially for those who were homebound or suffered from an illness or disease such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. But, Dr. Alisa Kauffman of Geriatric House Call Dentistry is changing the face and metrics of geriatric dental care. As a frontrunner in the industry, she brings the office to you!

Dr. Kauffman: Changing Dental Care for Seniors for the Better



The American Dental Association recommends having a dental checkup at least twice a year, and it’s crucial that your loved one be able to have access to exceptional dental care for senior citizens. If your aging loved one is vulnerable or homebound, it may seem virtually impossible to get them sufficient care. That’s where Dr. Kauffman comes in. Literally. She brings the office straight to them. And, she has a number of tricks up her sleeves to make even the most apprehensive of patients calm down and trust her. Dr. Kauffman is changing dental care for seniors by:

  • dental care for seniorsBringing the Office to the Patient. Because Dr. Kauffman is dedicated to making the experience for your loved one the best case scenario, she is committed to bringing compassionate, trustworthy, and quality care right to her patient’s living room. She can perform procedures and treatments from routine checkups to emergency extractions right in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. Dr. Kauffman is well trained and has a heart for the most vulnerable older patients. Her heart and genuine compassion are evident from the moment she walks through the door.
  • In-Home Procedures and Treatments. Dr. Kauffman provides an impressive list of in-home treatments and procedures ranging from second opinions, bite guards, and routine check-ups to emergency visits and extractions. Because geriatric patients cannot tolerate the drill very well, Dr. Kauffman employs the use of silver diamine fluoride as a tooth desensitizer. It’s an antimicrobial liquid that the Food and Drug Administration deemed safe which can painlessly be brushed on cavities to stop tooth decay. No drill means less stress and fear in dental treatments for the elderly.
  • Compassion. More than anything, a gentle touch, along with a caring, compassionate heart will go further in calming the most unsettled of patients. Dr. Kauffman has been trained extensively and is very well versed in handling the most delicate situations. She wants nothing more than for your loved one to feel safe and secure in knowing and trusting that she will do a job well done. With great pride and a profound respect, Dr. Kauffman will deliver unequaled and unparalleled care for her patients. It’s easy to see why she was named one of the country’s top 25 dentists!


Providing compassionate and trustworthy geriatric dental care has been Dr. Kauffman’s life work. If you’ve been searching for someone who knows how to provide your loved one with proper and proficient dental care, give her a call today at (917)826-6278. You will find out straight away how Dr. Alisa Kauffman is changing dental care for seniors for the better!