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We Have News! Dr. Alisa Kauffman Will Be Featured On Everyday Edison’s!

By February 11, 2020September 15th, 2020No Comments
alisa kauffman everyday edisons

It’s a no-brainer that Dr. Alisa Kauffman has provided so much value to the geriatric community with her passion-driven journey over the last 35 years.

Beginning in March 2020 through Crackle, you will be able to see her continue to pioneer for the betterment of the elderly worldwide by participating in the television show Everyday Edison’s!

I feel like I know what I'm going to do is gonna make a difference and I'm gonna make a lot of people happy - globally. This is a necessary product that will help people worldwide.

Be sure to tune in to Everyday Edison’s – Season 5 – starting in March! If you’d like more information on Alisa’s invention, please fill out the form below.

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