Drill-Free Geriatric Dentist in Manhattan

Having been a staple in Japan’s dentistry for some years now, silver diamine fluoride has recently exploded onto the US dental market, bringing a much needed alternative to traditional drill-and-fill cavity procedures.

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is an antimicrobial liquid that your geriatric dentist in Manhattan can brush on the tooth in order to prevent tooth decay. SDF is available in the US at this time under the name Advantage Arrest. Many dentists have begun using this convenient option for treating dental caries especially among children and elderly.

3 Benefits a Manhattan Geriatric Dentist Brings with SDF

  1. Painless Treatment
    Elderly individuals that once managed a high threshold of pain, may have grown anxious with age concerning painful circumstances. Many elderly would rather live with the cavity and subsequent decay than go through the ordeal of drilling and filling a cavity. However, now there is an option that is virtually painless. This liquid that is brushed on the affected area, silver diamine fluoride, provides an easy and painless alternative to traditional methods. No drilling is necessary!
  2. Cost Effective Method
    Silver diamine fluoride comes with a much lower price tag than its drilling counterpart. Because the process is quicker and less involved, this efficient method saves dentists and patients money by its use.
  3. Bacteria Fighting Solution
    An added benefit, but certainly with no less importance than the first two, silver diamine fluoride actually provides more thorough results for treating dental caries than does the drilling method. SDF actually fights the bacteria that cause cavities, eliminating the root issue for the decay in the first place.

Find out if your geriatric dentist in Manhattan offers silver diamine fluoride and ask for this easy and efficient alternative for treating dental caries in elderly patients.

Geriatric House Call Dentistry has begun offering this with huge success. Call Dr. Alisa Kauffman today to schedule your initial consultation for SDF treatment.

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