Homebound Geriatric Dentists in NYC & Long Island: What to Expect

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Why Others Are Loving the Services of Geriatric House Call Dentistry

Homebound dental services has quickly become one of the most unmet areas of need within geriatric healthcare.  Because of the increase in life expectancy due to various medical advances, the healthcare world has seen an increase in the need to identify and effectively service unique geriatric health needs.

homebound-geriatric-dentistsOne of the greatest areas of need, geriatric dental care, has resulted in a movement of homebound geriatric dentists providing service for the immobile elderly.  While there still exists a large gap between the amount of elderly that need homebound dental care and the healthcare workforce available to provide it, Dr. Alisa Kauffman of Geriatric House Call Dentistry has been making a difference in the lives of elderly patients for over 30 years.

As a homebound geriatric dentist that works right within the Manhattan area, Dr. Kauffman has experienced many challenges through the years and has a vast foundation of expertise and compassion for those she treats.

Alongside Dr. Kauffman is Dr. Rachel Klein. Dr. Klein has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years with a focus on geriatric and homebound dentistry.

Dr. Klein reaches out to geriatric patients in the West Long Island area. This includes Queens County, Nassau County, and West Suffolk County.  Her passion for geriatric dentistry comes from assisting her own grandmother and recognizing the need for good oral health as a senior citizen.

What to Expect From One of the Top Homebound Geriatric Dentists in New York City & West Long Island

  • An Open Door Policy – While Dr. Kauffman and Dr. Klein don’t have an office building with an actual “open door”, they place great importance on being readily available for their patients and patients’ family members.  Direct phone numbers are always available and they strive to answer whenever possible or return the call quickly.
  • Open Communication – Dr. Kauffman & Dr. Klein know that geriatric dentistry for the homebound presents many unique situations.  They understand that your loved one may have challenges and needs that must be individually met and considered before any treatment is given.  Open communication concerning questions and concerns is valued and encouraged.
  • Friendly Smile – With a heart for the elderly and a love for dentistry, Dr. Kauffman & Dr. Klein come ready with a smile and a skillful hand.  They instantly bring calm and comfort to their patients.
  • Top-Quality Standards – Even though their practice is done in home, the standards for cleanliness and sanitation are never compromised.  Disposable, plastic utensils are used when possible and others are sterilized in an autoclave before use.
  • Flexibility – Do you need to be treated in bed?  In a wheelchair?  In a favorite rocking chair?  No problem!  Geriatric House Call Dentistry readily treats their patients wherever they feel the most comfortable.  See Dr. Kauffman’s own philosophy on patient comfort in this short video clip: Embed video clip found here:
  • Behavioral Expertise – Many of Dr. Kauffman and Dr. Klein’s patients suffer from dementia, making normal medical exams highly difficult.  They show skill and patience as they handle difficult behavioral issues with ease.

Of the homebound geriatric dentists available in New York City and West Long Island, Dr. Alisa Kauffman and Dr. Rachel Klein’s service is incomparable!  To benefit from Geriatric House Call Dentistry call us today at (917) 826-6278 or contact us online.