Testimonial: Samuel D. Uretsky, PharmD

I met Dr. Kauffman during an unplanned stay at an assisted living center that I was completely unprepared for. I’m not sure which was worse, being confined to a wheelchair or breaking a tooth with no idea how to travel to a dentist or get into a dental chair. Tho were my circumstances when I first met Dr. Alisa Kauffman, who is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met, and I’m old enough to have met lots of people. She combines two important qualities, either one of which would make her a very special person — she has both humanity and professionalism.

Humanity is rare enough in anybody, but to be able to show consideration to a group of curmudgeonly octagenatians is special, particularly after a day of running around Manhattan with a load of dental equipment. We, the elderly can be difficult enough, but those people who suffer from dementia can be the most difficult, Dr. Kauffman can deal with the patients, and empathize with family members who are serving as caregivers. But in addition to her humanity, Dr. Kauffman is an exemplary dentist. She has developed techniques for providing full dental services even without the collection of machinery that graces a traditional dental office. For those of us who wondered how we would be able to get into a dental chair, she has found ways to treat a patient in a wheelchair, or in bed.

While I would wish her a prosperous practice with pleasant patients, she’s chosen to bring her profession to the most difficult people there are people who have been overlooked by most healthcare providers. She’s one of the greats.


Samuel D. Uretsky, PharmD

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