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GHD Creates New Smiles for Elderly, Housebound Patients

By October 19, 2021October 21st, 2021No Comments

A Heartwarming Story That’s Sure to Bring a Smile (and a tear) to Your Face

Having a healthy, beautiful smile is important at every age. For elderly patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, it can be difficult to remember to keep up with dental care. When tooth brushing and flossing fall by the wayside, it can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss. We make dreams come true by fabricating full and partial denture sets for elderly, housebound patients.

Watch this video to see how just impactful a new smile can be on the wellbeing and confidence of this sweet patient. 

Dr. Alisa Kauffman is passionate and knowledgeable about geriatric dental care.

The GHD team can fabricate a partial or full set of dentures for your loved one so they can feel confident and eat their favorite foods again. Our past patients have been so happy with our work, they cried tears of joy when they saw their new smiles in the mirror.

Why Dentures Are Important for Elderly Dementia Patients

If your loved one has missing teeth, it can drastically affect their mental and physical health. Healthy teeth and gums help you eat a wide variety of foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. When teeth are missing, it can be hard to eat foods that provide the nutrients needed to stay physically healthy. The mental and emotional impact of having missing teeth can cause your loved one to feel self-conscious and be reluctant to smile. Good overall health is vital in all stages of life, but it is especially important as we age.  Even if a patient is housebound, they still deserve to have a beautiful smile they can enjoy and show off.

Our mission at GHD is to make dental care accessible to patients who are unable to come into the office. Your loved one can get a set of dentures made without them ever having to leave home.

We hope this story inspires you to use your talents to help those who are less fortunate!

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