House Call Dentist In New York City Recognized By The Penn Gazette

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Find out why this house call dentist in New York City could be the future of dentistry.

housecall dentist in new york city


There have been various news stories floating around the internet as of late about the prominence of the “oldest human alive today”. The stories tell of how many years passed 100 the person is, where they live, and what advice they might have about how to achieve longevity. One attributed her many years on this earth to eating raw eggs or abstaining from marriage, another to eating everything except pork, chicken, and rum.


It can be amusing to imagine all of the reasons a person might live a long life, but there’s also another interesting part of the story here. Behind the scenes, there are the people who take care of these 100+ year-olds and have done so for many years previous. This includes a specific Housecall dentist in New York City.


Our Housecall Dentist In New York City Featured In The Penn Gazette


The job of the Housecall dentist in New York City isn’t what you would call “glamorous”, but it is definitely rewarding. In a Penn Gazette feature about her unique calling, Dr. Alisa Kauffman gives the author a unique glimpse of the day to day details of being a dentist that makes home visits; the struggles, the joys, and the cherished moments that give her energy to keep doing the work she does.


It takes a strong person, of heart and body, to be a Housecall dentist in New York City. And this is what Dr. Kauffman demonstrates over and over as you learn more about how she treats her homebound patients. Her patience and high-spirited personality help her serve patients with dementia or other health issues that would normally characterize them as “hard cases”.


You also find out about what led Dr. Kauffman to be a dentist who exclusively offers in home dental services. Ultimately it was her dedication to family and friends that gave her the idea to start a practice focused on giving the elderly quality dental care in a setting where they can be most at ease and in a way that doesn’t require Dr. Kauffman to rush through her appointments. Being a Housecall dentist in New York City allows Dr. Kauffman to decide how much time each individual patient needs. It fosters better dentist-patient relationships as well.


If you or a loved one are in need of dental care but cannot get out of the house to go see a dentist, please give Dr. Kauffman a call at (917) 826-6278 or visit her website for more information. She would be more than happy to give you the level of care that your age deserves!