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In-Home Dental Care for Dementia Patients in Suffolk County, New York

Dr. Terry Grant is a traveling, in home dentist who serves the aging community in and around  Suffolk County, Long Island New York.  View our Mobile Dentist Locations page to view all of the areas serviced by Geriatric House Call Dentistry.

Learn more about Dr. Terry Grant, or contact him through our website here >

In this video, Dr. Kauffman and Dr. Grant talk about what patients can expect during their first Geriatric House Call Dentistry visit.

Many people are unsure if they can get full-service dental care at home. When you set up an appointment with Dr. Grant, he brings the dental office to the patient’s front door. All the equipment, tools, and products a regular dentist uses are available to home bound patients when they become our patients.

What to Expect During the First Visit

When you contact Dr. Grant for an appointment, he will ask you a series of questions to get a better understanding of what the patient needs help with. If your loved one is having a specific issue, he will request photos of their mouth. We will coordinate with your schedule to set up an appointment time that is convenient for you and the patient. There is a consent form that needs to be signed before we can treat the patient. Once we arrive at the home, we will assess the patient’s oral condition, take some x-rays, identify any issues, and proceed with treatment. If there is tooth decay, we can apply the silver diamine fluoride ARREST treatment to stop the decay without extracting any teeth.

How We Keep Our Patients Safe

Safety is very important to us, and we want to make our patients and caregivers feel as comfortable as possible. Before we treat a patient, we coordinate with their physician to get their medical history and find out what medications they are taking. This is especially important if the patient needs an extraction, as some medications, like blood thinners, need to be stopped before doing the procedure. Another safety precaution we take is that we work clean using sterilized tools. We follow the same sanitary practices that are used in a regular dentist’s office.

Why People Need House Call Dentistry

The geriatric population is underserved when it comes to getting routine dental care. At Geriatric House Call Dentistry, we have a unique skill set and passion for treating elderly patients who may have physical disabilities or dementia that prevents them from leaving home. There aren’t many mobile dentists, so our goal is to build a network of dentists across the country that provide in-home dental care to patients in this population.

Contact Dr. Grant

Dr. Grant provides house call dentistry for geriatric patients in Suffolk County, New York. If your loved one needs dental care but is unable to attend appointments at a dentist’s office, Dr. Grant can come out and provide them with dental care tailored to their specific needs as a geriatric patient. He has extensive experience working with dementia patients, and he can help your loved one feel better. Call Dr. Grant or contact him by filling out the form online.

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