Manhattan Alzheimer's ExperienceDr. Kauffman: Making The Manhattan Alzheimer’s Experience A Little Easier

With the previous generation aging, it’s likely that you may find yourself caring for a parent or loved one who is becoming vulnerable. As parents or loved one’s age, the onset of Alzheimer’s may present itself. With Dr. Kauffman of Geriatric House Call Dentistry, the Manhattan Alzheimer’s experience doesn’t have to be so daunting when it comes to dental check-ups and treatments. There is an exhaustive set of challenges with Alzheimer’s and oftentimes, the rules change on a regular basis. Dr. Kauffman is here to lighten your load and calm your nerves when it comes to treating Alzheimer’s dental patients in Manhattan.

Remedy Teeth Grinding with the Best Manhattan Alzheimer’s Dental Experience

With the challenges Alzheimer’s patients face, going outside the home and getting into and out of a dentist office could be virtually impossible. And with the inability to be seen on a regular basis by a dentist for patients with Alzheimer’s, your loved one may be at risk and experience a number of dental problems such as teeth grinding and lip sucking. Some patients with Alzheimer’s may grind their teeth down to nothing, causing them great pain and a host of dental problems and possible emergencies. This is a perfect example of why teeth grinding guards may be necessary.

Occlusal Guards, also referred to as “teeth grinding guards” or “anti-sucking guards”, are removable devices that fit over the teeth and are used to help prevent the wearing down of teeth during sleep due to nighttime grinding and clenching. The intention of teeth grinding guards is to prevent further tooth damage due to clenching and grinding of the teeth.

According to The American Dental Association, many people grind their teeth during the night and don’t even realize it. This can be especially true of Alzheimer’s patients. They can grind their teeth day and night, not realizing the damage they’re doing to their teeth and their overall health.

Due to the growing number of challenges you may face with your loved one, you need to have the most compassionate Manhattan dentist for Alzheimer’s patients. Dr. Kauffman is experienced in treating and caring for patients with Alzheimer’s. It’s her heart’s desire and life’s work to help your loved one navigate the arduous journey that is Manhattan’s Alzheimer’s dental experience. With her guidance and gentle touch, Dr. Kauffman will get your loved one on the path to better dental health. Stop worrying about what to do and give her a call at 917-826-6278. It’s an honor to serve you and your loved one!


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