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Quality Home Dental Care for Seniors: Problems and Solutions

By June 22, 2020September 15th, 2020No Comments
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Access To Routine Dental Care For Seniors Is Essential In Maintaining Good Health

Caring for senior citizens is a full time job, and while great attention is paid of the physical health of this vulnerable population, routine dental care may be overlooked. Caregivers face a number of challenges when it comes to helping the elderly stay healthy.

In order to maintain good overall health, it’s imperative that this vulnerable population access quality home dental care for seniors. When dental care is neglected, serious health problems may arise such as:

    • Problem- Dry mouth which affects 30% of adults over 65.  Dry mouth is often a side effect of medications, and can lead to mucositis, cavities, cracked lips, and inadequate nutrition. Additional problems created by dry mouth include difficulty swallowing, infections and/or gum disease.
      Solution- Avoid consuming caffeinated drinks, alcohol, acidic juices and soda.  Drink water.  Don’t smoke. Chew sugar free gum or candy.
    • Problem- 50% of people aged 75 and older have at least one cavity.  If even one cavity is left untreated it may result in a tooth abscess (infection) or destruction of the pulp (inside the tooth) leading to tooth loss by extraction. quality home dental care for seniors
      Solution- Because cavities do not necessarily cause pain, it’s essential to access a house call dentist who specializes in quality geriatric home dental care.
    • Problem- Oral cancer is more common in old age and symptoms include mouth ulcers that don’t heal, unexplained, persistent lumps in the mouth or neck that don’t go away, and/ or changes in speech, i.e. lisp
      Solution- Check the mouth and pay attention to any of these symptoms, and schedule an in home geriatric dental appointment right away.
    • Problem- Nerves in the teeth recede as people age, which may cause cavities that may go unnoticed until the decay has advanced.
      Solution- Provide assistance as needed to help an elderly person maintain routine dental care.  Schedule an appointment with an at geriatric housecall dentist.

How to Access Quality Home Dental Care for Seniors

Accessing regular dental care for the elderly can be a challenge, but there is a solution. Dr. Alisa Kauffman specializes in quality home dental care for seniors and has over 30 years of experience.

Dr. Kauffman is experienced in providing gentle dental care for seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and all forms of Dementia. For more information about quality home dental care for seniors, please contact us at (917) 826-6278 or schedule an appointment in the Manhattan, NYC area.

Dr. Rachel Klein is also available to those who reside in the Long Island, NY area.