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Recementing Crowns Vs. Extractions

By May 15, 2021May 26th, 2021No Comments

Hi everyone, welcome to the Geriatric House Call Dentistry group discussion on extractions!


We are three experts, who go into people’s homes… we love it we enjoy it, but a lot of people call us and ask us about extractions and how the heck you could do them at home?

So, we’re going to have a little roundtable, and we have some questions that have been sent in and prepare. So I’m going to start with the number one question that everyone calls us about, and it goes like this.

“Hi, my mom’s crown fell out. And I’d like you to recement it. Can you come to the house and recement it?”

So we’re going to go around and I’m going to start with Joy.

Joy, what do you do when you get that question?

“So the first thing that I do is I ask to see a picture of the crown, and the reason why I want to see a picture of it is because I want to make sure that it’s just the crown that came off. There’s always a possibility that unfortunately, maybe part of the tooth come off because of either dental decay or because the tooth had fractured from eating something maybe chewy, or are hot too hard.

And so by seeing the inside of the crown, I am then able to determine whether or not this is just or be cement, fingers crossed it is, or unfortunately, it may need to be a tooth that needs to actually come out.”

Alisa says, “So if we get the picture. And we see that the tooth is actually in the crown, and when they take a picture of the mouth, you see that there’s nothing there to recement. We then tell them on the phone so that we don’t have to disappoint them at the visit, that we can’t recement it.”

So we all as a courtesy, that’s something that the three of us do. And if we have to tell them at that time the truth needs to come out, it gives them time to let that settle, and we explained to them that the tooth must be extracted or not. Right, sometimes we just leave it alone and it depends on the age if the tooth been broken out if they’re in pain or not.

Please watch our video above to take a look at Dr. Klein’s patient’s who needed their teeth extracted, and she explains the process of what needed to be extracted and why.

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