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The Best Dentures in 2020: What Makes High-Quality Dentures?

By September 15, 2020October 21st, 2020No Comments
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Are all dentures created equal?

Not all dentures are created equally, and when it comes to oral health, it’s important to select dentures that will fit well, allow for proper eating and speaking, and boost the patient’s confidence. There are several factors that impact the quality of a set of dentures. If your loved one needs dentures, Geriatric House Call Dentistry can help you select a high-quality set of dentures that are comfortable, functional, and beautiful.


Why Selecting the Best Dentures is Important

prevent broken denturesDentures are a critical part of improving the quality of life for elderly patients. Those with decaying and missing teeth or bone loss can significantly benefit from dentures. Dentures allow patients to eat and drink properly. Without the ability to chew, the patient may not be getting adequate nutrients in their diet. Dentures allow those with tooth loss to eat wholesome fruits and vegetables and enjoy mealtime like they did when they were younger.

Cheap, low-quality dentures may be more affordable, but they can cause pain, and they do not support the patient’s face and jaw muscles properly. High-quality dentures prevent discomfort and facial sagging.


The Best Dentures in 2020: What Makes High-Quality Dentures?

The best dentures are made of acrylic resin, porcelain, or partial metal. There are pros and cons to each type of material, but this is what you can expect.

Acrylic resin dentures are the most popular choice among edentulous patients according to Colgate and the National Institutes of Health. Acrylic produces lightweight, cost-effective dentures that fit snugly in the denture base. This material produces dentures that are comfortable and easily adjustable to the patient’s bite. The only downside is that acrylic resin dentures aren’t as sturdy or as long-lasting as porcelain dentures.

Porcelain dentures are more expensive, but they don’t have to be replaced as frequently as acrylic dentures. The heating process makes porcelain dentures extremely durable, and they look like natural teeth. Porcelain is the most common choice for complete dentures.

Partial metal dentures are smaller and made with a metal base. The teeth are made of resin and composite, and they are carefully matched to the patient’s original tooth color. While partial metal dentures cost more, they look great and are very comfortable for the patient to wear.

No matter which type of dentures the patient chooses, it’s important for them to care for their gums, remaining teeth, and dentures properly to avoid infections. They must take care of their dentures and their oral health to ensure their new smile stays clean and comfortable.


Geriatric House Call Dentistry specializes in dental care for patients suffering from dementia and other cognitive diseases. We can perform all examinations and denture fitting procedures from the comfort of the patient’s home. Our team proudly serves New York and Chicago. We care deeply about giving our patients clean, healthy smiles they can be proud of.

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