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Tooth Extraction for Home Bound Patients in Suffolk County, New York

By April 15, 2022October 31st, 2022No Comments

Let’s talk about Tooth Extractions

Although we try to avoid them as much as possible, sometimes extracting a tooth is the best way to stop the patient’s pain and prevent infection.

Can Extractions Be Done Safely in the Home?

Our House Call Dentists always come prepared with everything needed to do an extraction safely from the comfort of the patient’s home. All of the tools he uses come pre-sterilized in pouches.  Our dentists take their time and talk to the patient while waiting for the anesthesia to fully take effect. The extraction procedure is quick and painless for the patient. After the extraction is complete, our dentists will stay with the patient until the bleeding stops. We will follow up that same evening with a courtesy call to make sure your loved one is doing okay after the procedure. We have the same capabilities as a regular dentist’s office, but the patient will feel calmer and safer while they receive care in their own home.

 Tooth Extractions for Dementia Patients

We have several tricks and techniques he uses to make extractions quick and painless for his patients. One trick involves injecting the anesthesia into the gums so that patients don’t feel afraid of the needle. When we do an extraction, we have a technique that we use that makes it quick so the patient doesn’t have to sit for a long time. Having this skill set is what makes our geriatric dentists different from regular dentists. We are used to caring for this population, so we have developed ways to make our patients more comfortable and cooperative.

Extractions are a procedure we try to avoid, especially among elderly patients who may be medically compromised. However, sometimes doing an extraction is the best way to help the patient. If your loved one needs an extraction, we can do the procedure in the patient’s home.

How Do I Care for My Loved One After the Extraction?

After we finish the extraction, we provide the caregiver with detailed instructions on how to care for their loved one while they heal from the surgery. It’s important to follow aftercare instructions closely to prevent the clot from dislodging and causing bleeding. Spicy foods, smoking, and drinking through a straw should be avoided following an extraction.

What We Do to Ensure a Safe, Easy Extraction

The comfort and safety of your loved one is our number one priority. We are going to come prepared with everything we need to perform the surgery. All of our tools are sterilized before we arrive. We will stay with the patient until the bleeding stops completely, and we always follow up that evening with a call to check in. About a week after the extraction, we will make another house call to check on your loved one and ensure the extraction wound is healing properly.

Your Loved One’s Safety is Our Priority

In some situations, we may send you directly to the emergency room after you contact us. When caregivers call us, we typically ask them lots of questions and want to see pictures of the problem. If we assess the situation and determine that it’s out of our hands, we aren’t going to come out to your home and charge you for a visit just to tell you that. We are going to send you to the hospital right away so your loved one can get the care they need. If the infection is severe, it can be life-threatening, so please don’t hesitate to call us. You will not be charged for the call. We also talk to the patient’s physician and check to see if they are on medications that make extraction unsafe. We want to know this information about your loved one before making the decision to extract the tooth.

Does Your Loved One Need an Extraction? Contact Us and Get Help

If you think your loved one may need an extraction or they are showing signs of pain in their mouth, please don’t hesitate to call us. We want to help your loved one feel better. Even if extraction isn’t the solution, we can still schedule an appointment to come out and treat your loved one with the care they need.

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