Geriatric Dentistry

Above and Beyond Dental Care for the Disabled in New York City

Just because your parent or loved one is confined to their home doesn’t mean they can’t get excellent dental care!

dental care for the disabled in new york city

Age can confine you, making daily life difficult. But Dr. Kauffman makes house visits to make it easy. Here are some advantages.

The aging process affects everyone differently, but many elderly people find themselves more or less confined to their homes, making some tasks very difficult. You can find someone to get groceries and keep the place tidy, but what about rides to doctor’s appointments? In certain living communities and with certain doctors, medical-related house calls can be scheduled – but what about dental?

Geriatric House Call Dentistry serves this need in the New York City area by providing excellent dental care for patients who are confined to their homes or otherwise unable to visit an office. This sort of service is still very uncommon in the United States, but it provides so many benefits for seniors with mobility issues that it is growing rapidly. Here’s what dental care for the disabled in New York City can do for your parent.

Why Dental Care for the Disabled in New York City is Critical for Elderly Patients

The dental care for the disabled in New York City that Geriatric House Call Dentistry provides is critical because it addresses needs specific to elderly patients, including:


  • Mobility problems: Many elderly patients are confined to their homes, and moving to a dentist’s chair is very uncomfortable for them. If your parent or loved one is usually confined to a bed, a wheelchair, or a recliner, a traditional dentist will find it very difficult to work on them. Geriatric House Call Dentistry’s Dr. Alisa Kauffman can do her work anywhere, as long as her patient’s head is supported!
  • Dental needs changing with age: Even if your parent is not confined to their home, your general dentist might not be able to help them as well as Dr. Kauffman. As we age, our teeth change, and our dental needs change. Enamel cannot repair, the jaw becomes weaker, and we become more prone to losing teeth. Dr. Kauffman is a geriatric dentistry specialist who is well-prepared for any of these issues.
  • Mental health: Dr. Kauffman is highly experienced with working with patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, and has developed many tricks over her career to help with cooperation. While a general dentist may be stumped by a patient with dementia or Alzheimer’s, Dr. Kauffman is able to confidently treat them with some of the best dental care for the disabled in New York City.


The dental care for the disabled in New York City that Dr. Kauffman can provide is the best of its kind. If your aging parent is confined to their home, it might be time for a house call. Give us a call today to learn more about how Dr. Kauffman works and what her dental care for disabled patients can do for your parent.