My Plumber Doesn’t Make House Calls

By July 10, 2020No Comments

Frank Kalil and Jay Taylor made a recording :” My Plumber Doesn’t Make House Calls” and it came to mind while waiting for the dentist.

I was spending a year in an old age home, feeling too young, but also very limited, sitting in a wheelchair, wondering how I could even transfer to a dental chair. I didn’t know what to expect from a dentist who didn’t have the complete collection of x-rays and drills. I soon found out.

When I opened the door I got a pleasant surprise. Okay, this is blatant lookism, but we do classify people by their appearance, but Dr. Kauffman could make a good living in movies, playing an associate professor of almost any subject – either that of a news anchor on television. She’s elegantly slim and has an air and demeanor of somebody with a 140 IQ + 3., but friendly. As for the electric stuff and equipment that connects to the plumbing, she doesn’t have it. She just travels with a piece of luggage that would be enough for a trip to Paris. There’s a lot of stuff there, but with it she can manage almost any routine dental procedure.

And that’s about it s far as dental work is concerned, but there’s more – she can adapt to the concerns of her patients and their caregivers, calm nervousness and answer questions at an appropriate level of detail. She seems to know just how to deal with elderly patients whose cognitive abilities have declined – and with their families.

Last thing, prices, and this surprised me. They’re low – relatively. They’re about the same as the a more conventional office based dentist, without a surcharge for travel time. She’s simply an excellent dentist and a remarkable person. Feel free to ask questions.


Written by Sam Uretsky, former patient of Dr. Alisa Kauffman