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TeleDentistry & Your Dental Practice

By July 16, 2020September 15th, 2020No Comments
teledentistry dental practice

There’s no way around it. The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought about a lot of challenges facing not only our businesses and dental practices, but also to our patients.

When our office is closed due to the virus, our patients have no way of getting the proper dental care they need, especially in times of emergency. 

During this pandemic when we were forced to close temporarily, my colleague and I offered teledentistry in the Greater NYC area so better serve those who needed us the most.

What have you done in your dental practice to better serve your patients, especially the elderly? If you are not prepared – I would love to help you. Here are some additional reasons why teledentistry is important for any dental practice.

Implement Teledentistry in Your Dental Practice Because…

  • You Make Your Services Available To Underserved Populations – The best part about what I do is I get to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. I serve people who cannot leave their home. But what happens when I’m not able to come to them? Teledentistry is the next best thing.
  • It Allows You To Gauge Dental Emergencies – How many times have you had a patient come into your office demanding an emergency appointment, delaying your whole schedule for the day, and come to find out they didn’t have an emergency at all. Teledentistry can help monitor and weed-out non-emergency situations.
  • This Is The Future – As we’ve already experienced, there has been a huge need for business adjustments due to Covid. How can we be better prepared for another outbreak or pandemic?

The bottom line is you should be prepared today for a better tomorrow.

*Please note: Before offering teledentistry, be sure that you are aligned with your State ADA Standards in doing so.

If you have questions about Teledentistry or joining my network in starting your own Geriatric House Call Dentistry practice – please fill out the form below. I’d love to connect with you.