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Mobile Dentistry for Homebound Patients with Tooth Pain in San Francisco Bay Area

In this video, Dr. Kauffman, Dr. Weber, and Dr. Bautista talk about the safety measures they take when performing an in-home tooth extraction.

Geriatric House Call Dentistry is now offering extractions, repair, and in-home oral care in San Francisco, California. Dr. Weber and Dr. Bautista are highly experienced dentists, and they are able to come to the home and perform an extraction if your loved one needs it.

FAQ: Are In-Home Tooth Extractions Safe?

Yes. In-home tooth extractions are absolutely safe. When Dr. Weber and Dr. Bautista come to do your loved one’s extraction, they come prepared with every single tool they may need to get the job done. As always, all of the instruments used are fully sterilized and have been meticulously cleaned. They work in an organized, efficient manner that ensures the extraction process will be as smooth as possible.

After the extraction is done, we stay with your loved one until the bleeding has completely stopped. Extractions are stitched and plugged with collagen to prevent further bleeding. We provide thorough aftercare instructions and plenty of gauze.

What Happens After The Tooth Extraction?

It is normal for the patient to expect discomfort, swelling, and possibly bleeding for around 1-2 weeks. We encourage our patients or their caretakers to call us if there are problems or any questions after the procedure. We always call to follow up and make sure your loved one is doing well after the extraction.

Contact Our San Francisco Traveling Dentists for More Information

Dr. Bautista and Dr. Weber do in-home tooth extractions in the Bay Area. If your loved one needs an extraction but is not able to leave their home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can call us or go online and fill out the form with as much information as possible. Dr. Weber or Dr. Bautista will get it immediately and call you within moments.

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